Friday, March 2, 2012

Chris Moreno’s Zombie DickHeads Are Not Coming To Get You is now available at Ultimate Comics in Chapel Hill, NC!

If you’re in the area be sure to stop by and tell ‘em Lost Story sent cha’! If not, you can preview the book and a whole lot more right here:

Take a peek and order yourself an undead copy as soon as you can. They might not be coming for you, but you’d damn well better go get them!!! LOST STORY STUDIOS, killin' & chillin'!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bridgit Scheide's Brother Nash comic is at the printers and ready to roll in March! A supernatural truckin' story that barrels down the road on 18 wheels, this is a 48 page mega 1st issue you can't afford to miss. With new pin-ups, extra extras and a personal endorsement from the NC ComiCon, check it out here and see what you've been waiting for! Available March 2012 from Lost Story Studios.

Need a copy of the creep-smashingly freaktacular indie comic hit DEATHCURSE?!!! Grab it here and wait for your eyes to fall into your throat!!!

Need a push? Check out a review from Comics Forge:

Then procure the book here!


Bridgit Scheide
writer/artist Brother Nash 2012
artist DeathCurse 2011
artist/co-creator Academy Five 2012

Larkin Ford
artist/co-creator Ehmm Theory 2010
artist DeathCurse 2011

Chris Moreno
writer/artist Zombie Dickheads 2011
artist/cover artist DeathCurse 2001

Jason Strutz
artist DeathCurse 2011

Jonas Britt
artist DeathCurse 2011

Bo Fader
Founder 2009
writer/co-creator DeathCurse 2011

Brockton McKinney
Founder 2009
writer Ehmm Theory 2010
writer DeathCurse 2011
writer Academy Five 2012

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